Engineering services of transmission and line substation and power plants


  • Engineering services of PM projects(maintenance of substation equipment, transmission lines,and substation services ), O&M activities (exploitation and repairing ) of substations and power plants.

  • Testing and starting up DCS and GIS substations, engineering services of electronic , HV and oil laboratories.

  • Engineering services of cable set , articulation,cable ceiling , troubleshooting  and maintenance of HV cable up to 123 kv.

  • Engineering and consulting services of PM

  • Engineering services  of installation , testing and starting up power transformers up to 400kv ,HV equipments of substations and expansion projects in electrical environment.

  • Exploitation and operation of substations.

  • Related tasks to electrical market (installation and starting up modems and counters of great customers and other counters and power plants).

  • Repairing and testing of protection relays and defective measuring devices.

  • Retrofitting and updating protection equipment and controlling high voltage transmission substations in electrical mode.

  • testting and servicing protection relays and equipment of 63kv switch gears and transformers of power plants.

  • Thermal imaging of lines and equipments of substation (thermo vision )

  • Related services to building maintenance and equipments of substations .

  • Producing , designing , installation , testing ,starting up and maintenance of fault recorder and event recorder systems, battery ,charger and inverter in substations.

  • Working in electrical environment on transmission lines.

  • Designing , converting old substations to advanced DCS and GIS systems.






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