Engineering services of transmission and line substation and power plants




Azarakhsh power transmission co. was established in 1376 with 170 skillful and trained members of khorasan regional electrical company. At first, company’s activity was allocated to maintain and retrofit transmission network. Then, it starts EPC and turnkey projects and provides their finances.

Now, having the license of substation construction in any voltage level, moham shargh group is one of the contractors of electrical industry in substation construction and transmission lines.

Considering the extent of moham shargh’s activities and the need to solidarity and enhance the sub units and desired engineering services to customers and importance of retrofitting and maintaining the transmission network in khorasan and in order to specialize the activities, this group form the specialized companies in which 51% percent of it belongs to moham shargh’s group. financial and logistical support are done by the group. One of these companies is Azarakhsh power transmission.

Azarakhsh power transmission Co. started working in 1385 with conversant and skillful personnel, equipment and tools.

Having advanced laboratories like oil, electronic, HV and advanced tools like protective relay test, transformers oil filtration and hot-line equipment, Azarakhsh power transmission Co. could maintain the transmission line networks, retrofit and update substations, protection, control and DCS systems and install conventional substations and GIS.

Summary of company’s capabilities:

·         PM projects Engineering services (substation equipment maintenance, transmission lines, electronic and substation services)

·         O& M activities (exploitation and maintenance) substations and power plants

·         Testing and setting up DCS and GIS substations, electronic laboratory engineering service, HV laboratory and oil laboratory.

·         Cable set engineering services, articulation, cable sailing end operation, troubleshooting and LV and HV cable up to 132 KV maintenance.

·         PM Engineering and consulting services.

·         Engineering services to Install, test and set up power transformers up to 400 kilo volts, HV substations equipment and expansion projects in electrical environment.

·         Exploitation and substation operation.

·         Performing related tasks to electricity market ) installation of modems, customer meters, substation and in operation plants and remote information management.

·         Test and repair the Defective measurement devices and Protection relay.

·          Retrofitting and updating protection equipment and control HV transmission substations an (in electrical environment.

·         PM services in testing and repairing the protection relays and 6 KV switch gear and plant’s transformers.

·         Thermal imaging services from line and substation equipment. (thermo vision)

·         Related services to building and substation accessory maintenance.

·         Preparation, designing, installation, testing and maintenance of fault recorder systems, event recorder systems, invertors, batteries and charger in substations.

·         Working in electrical environment on transmission lines

·         Designing and conversion of old substations to advanced DCS and GIS.








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